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What Can I Fit In My Mobile Storage Unit?

Moving your belongings or needing extra storage has its own set of hassles. But finding the right sized mobile storage unit to help you with your needs can be hassle-free. Secure Self Storage, locally owned and operated in Pittsburgh, PA, is available to help. Our inventory of affordable trailers includes 10’ mobile units to 20’ storage trailers.

Sizes of Storage Trailers

Secure Self Storage guides you through the process of choosing, renting and delivering your mobile storage trailer to you. No matter the size of mobile storage unit you rent, you want to make sure that you maximize the space with smart packing, but how do you know what will fit? Secure Self Storage offers the following sizes of storage trailers for a variety of needs:

10' Secure Storage Trailer

This size trailer, the smallest in our inventory, is a popular choice as a shipping container for small apartment moves. The 6' x 10' secure storage trailer contains approximately 385 cubic feet of interior packing space and measures 75" tall by 68" wide. What can fit in this trailer? It's the perfect size for one full room of furniture. For those renovating a room or office and looking for extra storage space on your property, our 10’ mobile unit is ideal. It is a great option when there is limited space on-site.

12' Secure Storage Trailer

Looking to temporarily store or move two to three rooms of furniture, your best bet is the 12' secure storage trailer. It offers approximately 682 cubic feet of interior packing space and measures 78" tall by 96" wide. It can be compared to a 10’ x 10 storage room. For those needing space for larger or awkward shaped items, such as king-sized beds and L-shaped couches, this mobile unit would best fit your needs.

16' Secure Storage Trailer

Our 8.5' by 16' secure storage trailer offers approximately 890 cubic feet of interior packing space and measures 78" tall by 96" wide. Due to its size, this trailer is popular with many types of needs—local moving, long distance moving, as well as residential or commercial on-site storage. Roughly the same size as a 10’ x 15’storage unit, this storage trailer holds about three to four rooms of furniture.

20' Secure Storage Trailer

Offering approximately 1,098 cubic feet of interior packing space, the 8.5' x 20' storage trailer is Secure Self Storage’s largest mobile unit. It measures 78" (6.5 ft) tall by 96" (8 ft) wide. The unit is still small enough to be used as an on-site storage space, but large enough to fit more of your items. Depending on the density and size of your items, as well as how they are packed and stored, you can typically fit around four to six rooms in our 20’ storage trailer.

Safe, Secure, Self Storage in Pittsburgh

From 10’ storage trailers to 20’ storage trailers, Secure Self Storage offers mobile units that are affordable, secure and weather-resistant. Whether you are looking to store items during a residential or commercial renovation, move long-distance or temporarily store a college student’s belongings, we offer Pittsburgh area residents simplicity and convenience when it comes to packing, storing and moving. Our inventory is constantly changing, so call us at 724.643.0252 or complete the quote request so we can better serve your needs.

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