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How To Pack Your Mobile Storage Unit

Storage Tips for Packing

Whether you have rented a mobile storage unit for a long distance move or just for temporary space, the idea of packing it can seem like a daunting task.  Secure Self Storage located in Pittsburgh, PA, proves that it doesn’t have to be. Locally owned and operated, Secure Self Storage has rented mobile storage units to customers for a myriad of reasons.  With the proper direction and helpful packing tips, packing your portable storage unit will not only be hassle-free, but you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and secure.

Helpful Hints for Packing

No matter the size of the mobile storage unit you rent, you want to make sure that you maximize the space. To accomplish this, use the following helpful hints when packing your items:

Take inventory - Evaluate your items to be packed to ensure that you have the proper type and amount of packing materials and boxes.

Use similar size boxes – Although it may be difficult to pack everything in the same size box, if you have similar size boxes you will be able to maximize space and tightly pack the mobile storage unit.

Don’t overload boxes – To avoid boxes breaking and personal injury, be sensible about the weight of the items being packed together.  Try not to make the boxes too heavy or too full to close.

Pack items firmly for protection – Use packing material, soft toys or clothing to fill in any extra space to avoid shifting and damage.

Label the boxes – Be sure to note from which rooms the items came.  This will make unpacking less of a hassle.

Tips for Loading your Mobile Storage Unit

Once you are packed, you are ready to load. To avoid unpacking damaged and broken items upon arrival at your destination, be sure to follow these tips for loading:

Do not rush – Take your time while loading your mobile storage unit.  Most damage occurs from people rushing to load or unload a unit.

Distribute Weight Evenly – When loading boxes, try to distribute the weight evenly from end-to-end and side-to-side. Heavier items, such as appliances and furniture, should go on the bottom; lighter items on top.

Pack boxes and items tightly – To avoid shifting and create stability during transportation, try to fill all open spaces.  If possible, legs of tables should be removed and stand larger items, such as couches, on end. Softer items, such as blankets and bags of clothing, can help fill in any gaps.

Ensure items are secure and protected – Use furniture covers or bubble wrap to protect fragile items. Additionally, to avoid movement during transit, securely fasten stored items.  All Secure Self Storage mobile storage units are equipped with an E-Track system to prevent shifting.

Items to Avoid Packing

Even though our mobile storage units are safe and secure, there are some items which are not worth risking loss or damage.  Secure Self Storage highly recommends that you not pack the following items during a move. They include:



Legal documents

Important papers

Essential separates

Additionally, any item that is flammable, corrosive, or explosive is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:



Cleaning solvents





Household batteries



Nail polish and nail polish remover

Paints/Paint thinner


Propane tanks

Likewise, Secure Self Storage prohibits the storage of the following perishables in the mobile storage units:



Frozen foods

Refrigerated foods

Fresh produce

Any food containers that have been opened

During the rental process, Secure Self Storage will provide a full list of prohibited items.  If you're ever uncertain about an item you plan to store, just give our mobile storage unit team in Pittsburgh a call at 724-643-0252.

Safe, Secure, Self Storage in Pittsburgh

From 10’ storage trailers to 20’ storage trailers, Secure Self Storage offers secure and affordable options to Pittsburgh area residents looking for convenience when it comes to packing, storing and moving their belongings.  Our inventory is constantly changing, so call us at 724-643-0252 or complete the quote request so we can better serve your needs.

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