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Tips to Host an Awesome Garage Sale

Whether you are preparing to move or need to declutter or home a garage sale is a great solution… Plus, we all like to make a little extra cash.

To have a successful garage sale does take time, planning, and preparation. We have compiled 10 great garage sale tips for you to have an awesome sale!

Tips to Host an Awesome Garage Sale
Tips to Host an Awesome Garage Sale

1. Declutter your home. Go through the rooms in your house one by one to find items you are ready to get rid of. Splitting up the decluttering by one room at a time will help to take the stress out of finding items to get rid of. Also, be aware of what will sell and what may not. If there are damaged or distressed items, it might be best to just throw them away or donate in-tact items to a good cause.

2. Take the time to clean your stuff. Cleaning your items for sale can have a major impact on selling the item. Customers at your sale will want to see items in good condition and cleaning them will make the items look their best.

3. Be reasonable about the price. Most items you are selling will be used, so make use to price accordingly to the condition of the product. Even though you may have loved the item, it is only worth what its current condition is.

4. Check your items online. Looking up prices for older or valuable items online before the sale is always a good idea. This will give you an estimate of what the item is worth. Some of those old treasures might be worth more than you think!

5. Price each item the night before. Always prices your items before the day of the sale. This will save you time in the morning of the sale and help to keep you organized.

6. Merchandise like a retail store. Keep your items for sale organized. Keep all the clothes together, all the kitchenware together, and all the Christmas decor together, etc. This will help your customers know what they are looking. An organized sale always makes customers more inclined to make a purchase.

Tips to Host an Awesome Garage Sale
Merchandise like a Retail Store

7. Make your ad bold. When placing an ad in a newspaper, the extra money to put a bold header or black outline will pay off in the end by getting more people to notice your sale. Another alternative is to make a bold ad on social media. As more people tend to use social media, these types of ads will be more and more beneficial to your sale.

8. Make your signs easily seen and read. When making signs to post to hang up near your sale, make sure they are clean and are easy to ready. A sign needs large bold writing. Don’t put too much information on the sign because that will confuse customers that are driving by. Also, make sure to put direction signals like arrows that point to your sale.

9. Promote your event. With the growing popularity of social media, it is important to promote your event in more than one way. Facebook ads and post will help bring you customers. You can also highlight some of your items on the Facebook Marketplace or a Facebook Group.

10. Set up early. Last but not least, make sure to set up early. Set up everything you can the night before the sale, but we realize it isn’t always possible to do everything the night before. Garage sale shoppers like to shop early to find the best items, so make sure to wake up early and get your sale set up before the shoppers are there.

Tips to Host an Awesome Garage Sale
Set up early

These tips will help you to have a successful garage sale. And of course, when you have your garage sale, you will find more tips and tricks to make your sale successful. We wish you the best of luck with your sale!

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